Our World In 2000

We obtain more details by what occur in the relaxation around the globe than at every other amount of time in our history. This post is collected and changed through the media into gross negative forms so it may be offered into the public. Our ideas become according to screwed-up versions of details ideas and knowledge. There's a universal law going across the web which states:

If you feel what you would like you receive what you would like. If you feel what you wouldn't want you receive what you wouldn't want.

Our world may be the symbol of our ideas! As our ideas mostly are sales training courses created by untrue stories by what we do not want we obtain what we should don't want.

A news item is offered equal professional and disadvantage weight despite their merit. Some 'but' poltroon view frequently follows a presidential comment.

In the past invasions speeches sermons areas and books governed thought. Ideas were slow in distributing because travel was slow. Reaction to ideas too was slow. The speed of knowledge transfer is equivalent to the rate of light. Our ideas are produced immediately.

Ideas today take the type of information. The media gathers sales training UK details worldwide and prepares these to feed what has turned into a worldwide industry. It offers magazines and newspapers press and photo agencies television radio films books advertising education rallies marches public-speeches pressure-groups non profit organizations and also the Internet.

Details are given a precise spin through the sales training media calculated to stimulate an adverse response by its public. If public feelings could be turned on the media may have transformed raw details and knowledge into marketable negative newsworthy products. The universal law transforms these public negative ideas in the world we have seen every day.

How has this principle manifested American foreign policy?

The principle wasn't observable throughout World Wars one and 2. Neither was it observed in Korea. Nor maybe it was apparent within the Cold War with Russia. These four wars were victorious for that US and too for that West. A rather bemused media was mute in the celebration of those victories.

The media industry then started to grow then explode. Its financial aspects forced so that it is preoccupied using its own interest. The media started to determine everybody as part of some minority group. This created their marketing philosophy. It set people against government and policy.

The Vietnamese War given the media with information suitable for treating negative spin and changed into cash earnings. An adverse climate of public opinion was produced. The media used the war to promote its product and justify the media's existence. These self-beating disadvantages lost the war for that US using the Vietcong.

We didn't begin to see the principle of media negative spin much within the wars in Yugoslavia. These wars were effective for that US prior to the media had time for you to affect its outcome.

The principle wasn't apparent in Congo or perhaps in Dafur. The Federal Government was glad to depart this fight between black races towards the untouchable Not. The wars weren't newsworthy without US participation regardless of the 100s of 1000's of deaths.

911 for that media was manna from paradise.

This situation was like this of ...Job 3 - v 25. 'For the one thing I greatly feared originates upon me, which that we was scared of originates unto me.'

At 911 negative spins were already included in its news by its very character. There is drama disbelief secrets opponents deaths live-footage plots terrorists Islam impudence outrage defense security secret services emergency services tears gallantry sacrifice pathos misery happiness survival lack of protections all concentrated in the center of American financial energy. Exactly what a gift for that media!